Đồng hồ nam - Casio - WSD-F20-WE

Đồng hồ nam - Casio - WSD-F20-WE

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Thương hiệu: Casio
Loại sản phẩm: WSD-F20-WE

Condition: Brand new

CASIO Watch Smart Outdoor Watch Prot Prokt Smart WSD-F20-WE Men's

Includes: Main body, box, instruction manual, warranty included with the instruction manual, AC adapter, dedicated charging cable
Reinforced waterproofing for everyday life: 5 BAR (Casio's own standards based on internal examination)
Country of Origin: Japan
Satellite 3 positioning compatible (American GPS, Russian GLONASS, Japan's Landscape), low power GPS loaded
Adopted Android Wear 2.0, equipped with various applications that realize the Audoria function
5 monochrome LCD color liquid crystal double layer display

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