Aktif SMA MV Capacitor Banks

Aktif SMA MV Capacitor Banks

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Aktif SMA MV Capacitor Banks have two main advantages as described below:

  • It provides high protection thanks to its simplfied design and stable components.
  • Its maintenance costs are very low thanks to its design advantages.
  • Its control and protection relays support various communication protocols.
  • It is available to install in indoor and outdoor projects thanks to its containers which are made of stainless steel.
  • Easy shipment and installation thanks to its modular design.
  • Production and test periods of MV capacitors appropriate to international standards. 
  • Racks are sent to end users when its all connections are ready to energize.

Aktif SMA MV Capacitor Banks are modular; it has a compact and robust design optimized for easy future expansion of the system, facilitating transport storage and installation.

Galvanized steel enclosures of Aktif SMA MV Capacitor Banks are available for indoor and outdoor installations, with different ventilation systems. Its protection class ranging from IP30 to IP54. Design and testing complies with the requirements of the latest edition of relevant standards and the specific technical requirements set by the customers.

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